Did you know that green bell peppers are just immature colored bell peppers?

Articles like this are often shared with me on my social media channels. Friends say “hey, I never knew!” as if it’s this simple.

Wouldn’t everyone like to save a buck and just buy green ones?

Well, c’mon guys. That’s not how this works. I talked with some experts, namely Mike Aiton at Prime Time International, a bell pepper grower in Coachella, Calif., about how peppers actually get their color.

Yes, a green bell pepper will eventually change color, but the ones you buy at the supermarket were specifically bred to be crunchy and delicious at the perfect color stage – be it green, red, orange, yellow, purple (yes, purple) or even red striped.

If you buy a green bell pepper and expect it to change color and become sweet and delicious on your counter at home, you’ll be sorely disappointed.

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