The actual television ads were short, but the buildup to the event and post-bowl buzz continues for the two produce brands that advertised during Super Bowl LI on Feb. 5.

Avocados from Mexico’s social media has been building up to the event for weeks, with teasers on social media, and so has Wonderful Pistachios, the other produce brand that advertised during the game.

Did you catch the full add from Avocados from Mexico’s #AvoSecrets campaign? The full ad was 1:39 long and joked about conspiracy theories like Area 51, Bigfoot and the moon landing. It had more than 1.1 million views on YouTube as of Monday morning.  

You can also watch people’s reactions on social media. The #AvoSecrets hashtag drew a pretty loyal following.           

Wonderful Pistachios’ John Cena-narrated Ernie the Elephant ad is another in a series also starring Richard Sherman of the Seattle Seahawks.

The full set of ads is available at, though retailers may be most familiar with the spot featuring Ernie at the checkout, mimicking the “boop” sound of pistachios going over the scanner.

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