Tyler Weinbender, the media manager over at Domex Superfresh Growers shared the company's latest Orchard Update with me this week. Dave Gleason, chief horticulturist for the Kershaw Companies, hosts this winter's edition with a fun story about his wife's favorite movie: Groundhog Day. 

Life in an orchard, he says, is a lot like Groundhog Day, where the main character experiences the same day over and over, but from a different perspective because of the repetition. 

"We may do the same thing every year, but the weather is different, the water is different, the timing of the spring, when things are harvested, all of those things are dictated by what nature gives us every year," he says. "We really don’t know what tomorrow is going to bring."

I love the look at a slice of life from the production side of things.  


- Pamela R. 

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