What's On Ad - July 29

More than 17,500 stores promoted cherries the week ended July 26, making the commodity again the most popular produce item to have on ad.

More than 12,000 stores promoted yellow-flesh peaches and strawberries, while roughly 11,000 had grapes and cantaloupes on ad.

In the Northeast, the most popular item to promote was zucchini, with more than 3,000 stores putting the item on ad. Cherries and peaches were the next on the list for the region.

Cherries led in the Southeast, with nearly 5,600 stores promoting them. Strawberries and plums came in second and third, with roughly 3,700 stores listing those items on ad.

The Midwest fell right in the line with the top three items nationally: cherries, peaches and strawberries. More than 4,000 stores in the Midwest had cherries on ad.

Roughly 2,400 South Central stores promoted cantaloupes, the fruit most often listed on ads in that region. Cherries and grapes rounded out the top three.

Cherries, cantaloupes and grapes topped the list for the Southwest, where about 2,200 stores promoted cherries.

In the Northwest, the most promoted items were cantaloupes, peaches and red seedless grapes. More than 600 stores promoted cantaloupes, up from about 300 the previous year.

On the organic side, bananas topped the list, with 4,730 stores promoting the fruit at a weighted average price of $1.08 per pound – a considerable jump in both numbers from the same time last year, when 1,377 stores had organic bananas on ad for a weighted average price of $0.73.


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