Store Check Junkie - Fresco y Mas in Orlando

This Fresco y Más store in Orlando, Fla. — and the chain overall — strikes me as a great example of what happens when a retailer commits to a certain shopper rather than trying to be everything for everyone.

Fresco y Más focuses on the Hispanic market, and it tailors its fruit and vegetable assortment accordingly. This store featured papayas, malanga, calabaza, limes, plantains, sour oranges, avocados and more.

Big, bold displays were everywhere, and much of the signage was in Spanish as well as English.

Fresco y Más just recently took another step in personalizing its stores — it designed its newest location to cater to Caribbean shoppers, with jackfruit and root vegetables galore.

For more photos from the Orlando store I visited, check out our Produce Retailer Flickr page.

Other retailers I saw while in Orlando included Bravo Supermarkets, Freshfields Farm, Lucky's Market, Whole Foods Market and Winn-Dixie.


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