GOPEX Conversation with Bob Catinella

HOLLYWOOD, Fla. — For retailers interested in promoting organic pears, now is the time.

Bob Catinella, East Coast marketing manager for Milwaukie, Ore.-based Pear Bureau Northwest, said the organic crop is up more than a million boxes from the 2017-18 season.

“We have plenty of supply and pricing is aggressive,” Catinella said Feb. 2 at the Global Organic Produce Expo.

The organic crop was about 900,000 boxes last season and is expected to be about 2 million boxes this season.

“Bartletts are starting to run down, so now we’re fully into green anjou, bosc and red anjou, and we have plenty of supply on all three of those for the rest of the season, so we’ll be doing multi-variety ads, cross-merchandising opportunities with other vendors, salad companies, etc., to help with the consumption of pears at our retailers,” Catinella said.

The Northwest pear season runs through June.


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