Best New Packaging Finalists

Check out the video for photos of the new products.(Photos courtesy United Fresh)

Eleven products have been selected as finalists for the Best New Packaging award from the United Fresh Produce Association. Many of the products have sustainability implications.

Here are the company’s descriptions of their new items.


100% Backyard Compostable Packaging

Mastronardi Produce Ltd. – Booth #10040

“Sunset is proud to offer a line of 100% backyard compostable packaging, which breaks down naturally in your backyard compost,” the company wrote. “This increases the likelihood the top seal and tray are properly composted and empowers consumers to make a difference—literally in their own backyards.”

Brighthouse Organics Tomato Medley 8oz

NatureSweet – Booth #4027

“This little greenhouse holds a trio of the best-tasting organic snacking tomatoes and is made from transparent recycled (and recyclable) packaging,” the company wrote. 

Film-Sealed Fruit Cups

Del Monte Fresh Produce – Booth #2000

“Today’s consumers seek more sustainable, recyclable packaging that is convenient and easy to use,” the company wrote. “Our new film seal packaging enhances product quality and delivers an improved consumer experience.”

Fox Stand-Up Combo Bag

Fox Packaging – Booth # 6012

“With impulse purchasing on the rise, the aesthetic of this bag captures consumers' eyes, extends shelf life and, in responsibility, is reusable and recyclable ― communicating convenience, a clean lifestyle and healthy choices,” the company wrote.

Giro Easy Open Bag

Giro Pack. – Booth #10022   

“The new patented Easy Open system allows you to open and re-close the bag with ease,” the company wrote. “The bag is also sturdy enough to stand tall, even after opening. Our research shows breathability and ease-of-use packaging is what consumers want.”

LivingCube Living Lettuce

Del Fresco Produce – Booth #12027

“With multiple varieties available, the LivingCube can grow many different living lettuce and leafy green varieties in each growing chamber,” the company wrote. “We’re able to customize our packaged living lettuce combinations to satisfy our retail partners’ requests. We offer our retail partners new, innovative and local commodities with various options.”

Mix & Match

Limoneira– Booth #10030

“The Limoneira Mix & Match bag features three lemon varieties: classic, meyer and pink in one enticing grab-and-go-bag,” the company wrote. “The packaging clearly highlights key flavor differences – meyer are sweeter while classic are tart and pink are tangy. Consumers can scan the code on the bag for pairing information and recipes.”

Peel and Reseal Compostable Packaging

Naturipe Farms – Booth #6036

“Naturipe now offers convenient Peel and Reseal technology on their compostable Earthcycle packaging,” the company wrote. “The new easy-access feature provides consumers with a packaging alternative that protects fresh berries, while reducing spills and potential waste. When paired with our delicious berries and eco-friendly pack, this new addition enhances the overall consumer experience.”


The Platinum Packaging Group – Booth #10019

The company described its product as a high-barrier paper/film.

Schur's Zip Pop

Schur Star Systems Inc. – Booth #4021

“Utilizing our patented flavor-release chamber to cure/spice the contents, Our SchurStar Zip-Pop packaging: automatically packed dual-chamber pouch, a unique combination of engineering, design, and materials,” the company wrote. “In the bottom compartment you pack any product to microwave. The flavor-release chamber in the top holds the butter-puck/spice mix separate from the product below.”

Simple Snack

Mucci Farms – Booth # 9024

SIMPLE Snack SIMPLE Pack! This “GreenERhouse” package is made of cardboard and 100% recyclable film. Enjoy your favourite Mucci Farms snacking items in a simply sustainable container. Sustainable Innovation Made Purposely for our Living Environment.


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