CHICAGO – Renowned chef, television personality and cookbook author Carla Hall, who spoke at the United Fresh Produce Association conference and expo June 11, has gotten excited about celery root.

She mentioned the vegetable in passing during a panel discussion and spoke after the event about why she finds it compelling.

As a chef, Hall had been familiar with celery root for some time and had used it cubed and mashed, but she experienced it on another level when she was working on making a tasty vegetarian dish for her husband.

“I roasted the whole thing and then I break it up and I sear it, and I put barbecue sauce on it,” Hall said. “I wanted him to have a delicious Fourth of July barbecue with celery root and vegetarian baked beans and not miss anything – and coleslaw. So I literally used a celery root and I fell in love with it.”

“I use it also to substitute in a chicken recipe with habanero and coconut milk and lime, and instead of the chicken I sear it and make the sauce, and it is delicious,” Hall said.

She is hoping to see the vegetable turn into a trend and become more widely available.

“I think it’s sort of like the cauliflower. I hope it catches on,” Hall said. “I just want to see it in more places. That’s why I keep talking about it.”


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