Austin, Texas-based Whole Foods Market sees tropical fruit as a fit for one of its top food trends for 2019.

Pacific Rim flavors are inspiring more and more foodservice and retail offerings, according to a news release. Whole Foods describes items like the Filipino sausage longganisa, dried shrimp, cuttlefish and shrimp paste as part of this category. It also mentioned fruits including guava, dragon fruit, star fruit, passion fruit and jackfruit.

The retailer called out guava, dragon fruit and passion fruit as perfect for “colorful smoothie bowls and cocktails” and mentioned jackfruit as a meat substitute.

Whole Foods plans to soon launch items dovetailing with those flavors, including pineapple passion fruit sparkling mineral water, mango pudding mix, passion fruit coconut frozen fruit bars and guava tropical vinaigrette, according to the release. The company also noted shoppers could pick up whole fruits to “try the trend.”

Two other trends, Eco-Conscious Packaging and Purchases that Empower, have also been appearing in the fresh produce arena. A number of grower-shippers have begun adjusting their packaging to use less plastic, and many companies are engaged in numerous waste-reduction initiatives. Labels like Fairtrade America, Fair Trade USA and the Equitable Food Initiative’s Responsibly Grown Farmworker Assured seek to distinguish products from companies that go above and beyond in social responsibility.

Other trends listed by Whole Foods are:

  • Shelf-Stable Probiotics
  • Phat Fats
  • Next Level Hemp
  • Faux Meat Snacks
  • Trailblazing Frozen Treats
  • Marine Munchies Beyond Seaweed
  • Snack Time Upgraded

The list is compiled by culinary expects and global buyers at Whole Foods, per the release.

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