Braga Fresh Family Farms, Del Rey Avocado and Suntreat received recognition from Whole Foods as part of the retailer’s annual Supplier Awards program.

Whole Foods announced the winners Feb. 18 at a reception in Austin, Texas, where the organics-focused retailer has its headquarters.

Soledad, Calif.-based Braga Fresh garnered a mention for “providing fresh, high-quality produce and offering excellent service,” according to a news release.

“Farming from the Salinas Valley to Yuma, Ariz., for three generations, Braga Fresh quickly became a key supplier for Whole Foods Market in the wet vegetable category, collaborating with us to refine its offerings and demonstrating consistent engagement and commitment to partnership,” Whole Foods wrote.

The retailer spotlighted Dinuba, Calif.-based Suntreat in its Outstanding Innovation category.

“Notably, Suntreat worked with Whole Foods Market to create a remarkable retail program for the widely popular sumo citrus variety since it was first launched,” Whole Foods wrote in the release. “Suntreat is also a trusted supplier of a number of other conventional and organic citrus varieties.”

Fallbrook, Calif.-based Del Rey Avocado received recognition in the Service & Partnership category.

“In addition to always being readily available and providing transparency, the Del Rey team is committed to high quality and social responsibility by creating economically viable business relationships, utilizing technologies that minimize waste, and practicing environmentally sound agricultural practices in growing their avocados,” Whole Foods wrote.

The retailer also listed among its award winners Fair Trade USA.

Whole Foods recognized the organization for "its tireless efforts to improve working conditions and the environment," the company wrote in the release. "As one of the third-party certifiers of Whole Foods Market’s Whole Trade Guarantee program, Fair Trade USA is critical to ensuring that Whole Foods Market offers products that support ethical trade, working conditions and the environment."


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