The University of Florida Institute of Food and Agricultural Sciences expects that meal kits, tea with alcohol, and drinkable collagen will be among the food trends that arise in 2020.

Also on the list are organic food, extreme weather impacts, convenience store nutrition, drive-thru grocery and millennial impact.

The university predicts that one effect of extreme weather impacts will be price increases for some key fresh produce items.

“Because of climate disruptions and extreme weather events, look for higher prices at the grocery store,” the university wrote in its report. “That’s because coffee, bananas and avocado production are at risk due to insects and diseases. These food crops, staples in many homes, are grown in unique environments that are limited to a few places on the planet.”

Some of the other trends the university listed have been playing out for several years now — meal kits, organic food and online grocery in particular.

The trends of convenience store nutrition and drinkable collagen demonstrate the continuing interest in health and wellness boosters that come in easy-to-consume formats.

The university projects that, whichever trends take off in 2020, millennials will have a sizable influence.

“At 27%, millennials comprise the largest sector of the population,” the organization wrote in the report. “They are well-connected, and their buying habits reflect that. Many millennials buy via local farmfinder apps and internet orders directly from farms. Thus, expect an increasingly dynamic market that attempts to respond to consumer demands via e-trade.”


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