(Photo courtesy Great Lakes Growers)

Great Lakes Growers, Burton, Ohio, has a new line of greenhouse-grown salads — Fusion — that highlights herbs, including dill, cilantro and chives.

Owner and CEO John Bonner said the herb-lettuce blends provide extra flavor, allowing consumers to cut back on dressings and toppings.

“When it comes to salads, we know that convenience can play an important role,” Bonner said in a news release. “So we developed a line of salads that blend our fresh-cut lettuce with herbs we are already growing in our greenhouse.

"We envision these being a huge hit with folks who want to eat healthy," Bonner said.

The four salads are:

  • Dill: Lettuce blend with dill. “We had a number of consumers tell us in our focus group that they don’t usually like dill, yet they loved how this tasted,” Bonner said in the release.
  • Watercress: Lettuce blend with watercress for “a little extra kick,” Bonner said.
  • Taco Salad: Lettuce blend with cilantro and chives.
  • Microgreens: Lettuce blend with microgreens.

“At the end of the day, we are really happy with the how the Fusion line turned out, and we’re excited for to launch this new line in concert with the opening of our new greenhouse range this summer,” Bonner said in the release.


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