Los Angeles-based Dulcinea Farms, part of Pacific Trellis Fruit, has helped push through a new Price Look-Up number for the yellow mini seedless watermelon variety.

The PLU was reviewed during a recent meeting of the International Federation of Produce Standards, according to a news release. The approval was confirmed in May and is part of the federation’s searchable PLU Database, according to the release.

“This is really rooted in a shortcoming we identified over the past year — specifically, the inability to differentiate and track sales between full-size yellow seedless watermelons and our SunnyGold Yellow Mini Seedless watermelons due to the fact there was previously only one PLU issued for all yellow seedless watermelons,” Josh Leichter, general manager of Pacific Trellis Fruit/Dulcinea Farms, said in the release. “It was a source of frustration for us as well as for some retailers we’re working with.”

The release said the new PLU (3494) will allowing tracking of yellow mini seedless watermelon sales, apart from sales of yellow full-size seedless watermelons. Yellow full-size seedless watermelons will continue under the existing PLU (4341), according to the release.

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