After Kroger’s acquisition of Home Chef was announced a couple of weeks ago, I realized I hadn’t tried Home Chef yet.

I’ve done several subscription offerings, like Blue Apron and Hello Fresh, as well as some in-store kits, like H-E-B’s Meal Simple and Chef’d, so I figure I have to see what this is all about.

Here’s a preview of the live demo I’ll be doing in Pamela’s Kitchen Wednesday, June 6 at 6:30 central time. We’ll be making dinner live, showing you how a meal kit works.

My first impression, however, really reinforces why I think meal kits – if they’re going to last – have to be a better fit for retail.

First of all, my box was in terrible shape. It had been dropped, fell apart, and was hastily taped together.

Second, it was 43 pounds for 2 meals. I don’t know too many people who can lift something like that. My mom, who lives with us, had to call me down from the office to come move it for her.

Third, the six-serving kits are actually three two-serving kits. From a process and efficiency standpoint, that makes perfect sense. From a consumer standpoint, this is terrible. Duplicated packaging, and more plastic than necessary.

Fourth, which I forgot to mention in the video: this cost $89, WITH A COUPON. That’s only $7.50 a serving, I know, but one of these meals is pasta, folks.

Bonus critique: They sent me a binder to keep my recipes in. Sure, that’s cute, but my life is full of giveaway tradeshow junk and I suspect most people who order food online also look up their recipes on some kind of device.

Stay tuned for the review after we cook up some pasta and chimichangas.



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