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Walmart will be updating its produce departments with low-profile displays, wider aisles, new signage and additional changes in the coming year.

The retailer also plans to segregate organic produce so interested shoppers can find everything they want in one location, according to a news release.

The changes are geared toward highlighting the work Walmart has done to increase quality in its produce departments — particularly by making its supply chain more efficient to increase freshness and shelf life — and the work the retailer has done to add more local and organic options. In recent years, the company has also invested in lighting, signage and fixtures.

As part of the latest set of changes to the department, wider aisles and low-profile displays are expected to contribute to an “open market feel.”

“These new bins allow customers to see everything available in the department right when they walk into the store,” Charles Redfield, executive vice president of food for Walmart U.S., said in the release. “We’re using colorful, abundantly filled displays to highlight freshness and the quality of our items — for example, large bins of ripe red tomatoes and sizeable displays of seasonal items like squash and pumpkins.

“We’re making the aisles wider, and our new low-profile bins will enable customers to shop from multiple sides, making it faster and easier for customers to shop the department,” Redfield said.

The new signage will be large and bright and focus on the low prices Walmart offers.

The company is just starting to renovate produce departments with the latest changes and expects to update the majority of stores by next summer. Others will be renovated as part of remodels.

“In addition to improving the shopping experience for customers, these changes make it easier for our associates to work in the department,” Redfield said in the release. “Our new format simplifies workloads, making it easier for our associates to stock produce. This way, they can re-focus their time on serving customers.”


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