What does the term "organic" mean to consumers? Anne-Marie Roerink, principal of 210 Analytics, conducted video interviews with shoppers around the country to help the industry get a better understanding of the answer to that question.

She discussed her findings with Produce Retailer editor Ashley Nickle, and she provided the consumer videos so that industry members can see those for themselves as well. (Start the video at the 3:45 mark if you want to skip ahead to that portion of the conversation.)

Roerink deals daily with data from Nielsen, IRI and other sources, but she has found that in-person dialogue with consumers is hard to replicate and can fill in some key gaps.

"Numbers are important, but sometimes when you have that voice overlay and truly get it directly from the mouth of the consumer, it's just so incredibly powerful to understand the numbers, really," Roerink said. "Today you're going to see people that are pediatricians, pharmacists, people that work in daycare, firefighters, just a whole number of different professions, different locations in the U.S., anywhere from Florida to Washington state, Dallas, Georgia, D.C., so it's truly a cross-representation of the U.S."


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