Store Check - Central Market

SAN ANTONIO — Consumer Reports shoppers recently rated Central Market as the best grocery store in the U.S., and I was not disappointed when I visited this location while in town for the Texas International Produce Association's Viva Fresh Expo.

The signs amazed me, from the giant ones that called out different categories to small ones that gave information on the characteristics of a certain variety. Along with references to local and organic products, there were signs that encouraged shoppers to ask an employee if they wanted to try an item.

Central Market also did a remarkable job marketing its watermelon and pineapple, with fresh-cut options merchandised on ice, whole product nearby, and containers of samples that certainly would have prompted me to purchase.

The store also did a killer job selling its cold-pressed juices, with a large overhead sign touting the following:

  • "Clean, crisp flavor packed with vitamins and minerals"
  • "Made fresh daily with assorted fruits and veggies"
  • "Over 20 varieties and all are raw and unpasteurized"

Choices included combinations like kale, pineapple, apple, lemon and ginger; carrot and orange; pineapple, pint and ginger; margarita mix; apple beet lemon and many more.

Throughout the department, merchandising was immaculate, and the store as a whole was very impressive. Browse through the videos section of our site for more store checks from around the U.S.


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