Store Check Junkie - AJ's Fine Foods in Scottsdale

SCOTTSDALE, Ariz. — I visited this AJ's Fine Foods store while in town in mid-November. One of the elements I found most interesting was the giant array of apples.

From Envy to SweeTango to Koru, from Pink Lady to Green Dragon to SweetieCrisp, this produce department had all the apples. I even spotted two recently introduced red-flesh varieties, Lucy Rose and Lucy Glo, that I "met" for the first time at the Fresh Summit expo only a month earlier.

I appreciated that the store gave shoppers a heads-up on what to expect from those items — "Pink inside!" and "Red inside!" on the tags that accompanied them — and did the same for some of the more unusual items like blood oranges, carambola and dragon fruit.

Overall, the produce department had a very memorable look, with huge bouquets decorating the displays that were set up between two long aisles. The adjacent floral department was big and beautiful — something I also noticed at the Fry's Marketplace store I visited that same day.

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