Leamington, Ontario-based Pure Hothouse Foods will be featuring its new RedRoyals cherry tomatoes-on-the-vine at the Southeast Produce Council’s Southern Exposure.

Chief marketing officer Chris Veillon said the attributes that set the variety apart from others during the research and development process included its balance of sweetness to acidity, consistent color ripening, “perfect truss features” and high brix.

RedRoyals started shipping from the company’s Georgia facility around the end of November.

“During the trials, our team couldn’t stop raving about how this great tomato really tasted, the way it looked on the vine, in the box and in some prototype packaging,” Veillon said. “From a branding perspective, a member of the team picked one up with its calyx on it, and it looked like a crown, and then someone replied, ‘Every king should have a crown’ ... then a star was born!”

The packaging for the item calls out its lower plastic usage and its peel-and-reseal design.

“Consumers are becoming more and more savvy about where their products are coming from, who grew it, where was it grown, and now how is it being packed,” Veillon said. “Removing plastic from the equation is a goal to help reduce our carbon footprint. Using a lidding film reduces the plastic content by at least 25%, and by using a peel-and-reseal strategy for our top-seal items, gives the consumer the comfort and ease to reuse the product often.

“A single peel, one-and-done application ... can make it very difficult for consumers who do not want to eat the entire package in one sitting,” Veillon said.

Pure Hothouse Foods will be exhibiting at Southern Exposure at booth no. 517.

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