Stevensburg, Va.-based FresH2O Growers will be showcasing a new roots-on salad blend at the Southeast Produce Council’s Southern Exposure.

“Salads are a constant growing category, and as organic leafy green producers, we need to be part of that growth,” said director of sales Mary-Scott DeMarchis.

The product is organic and is designed to stay fresh up to three weeks. FresH2O is shipping the salad blends now and has year-round availability on the product.

The company currently ships primarily to the East Coast but can ship throughout the eastern U.S.

DeMarchis said some of the attributes that consumers have appreciated thus far is that the product is more local to them than many alternatives; that the roots contribute to a longer shelf life; and that it is organic and greenhouse-grown.

The Long-Lasting Salad is part of the Bright Ideas Fresh Arrivals new product showcase at Southern Exposure.

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