Retail Price Report - Cantaloupes

Cantaloupes averaged $1.97 each around the U.S. the week ending Aug. 23, according to the U.S. Department of Agriculture’s National Retail Report for Specialty Crops, which looks at on-ad prices. That’s a drop of just over $1.50 from last year’s average price of $3.49.

According to U.S. Marketing Services data, which samples four retail chains in eight markets across the country, the Aug. 21 average price per cantaloupe was $2.75, with the fruit on ad at 9 of the 32 surveyed stores.

Foodtown in New York had the lowest price around the country, at $1.49, though it nearly tied with Price Chopper in Boston, which had a price of $1.50. Walmart had the lowest prices in Chicago, Dallas and Detroit, at $2.48, $1.68 and $2.28, respectively.

Target had the lowest price in Atlanta, at $1.99; Stater Bros. was the lowest in Los Angeles, at $2, and Fred Meyer was the least expensive in Seattle, at $2.79. Find more pricing for each region below.

Retail Price Report


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