Produce Perspective - Dave Corsi with Wegmans

Dave Corsi, vice president of produce for Wegmans and the chair of the Center for Produce Safety, joined Produce Retailer editor Ashley Nickle to discuss the upcoming CPS symposium and how Wegmans has made use of research funded by CPS.

Corsi discussed research that's been applied by Wegmans in its store, how CPS research informs Wegmans' conversations with suppliers, and what's on the docket for the symposium June 18-19 in Austin, Texas.

One of the draws this year in particular will be the presence of the four chairs of the Leafy Greens Food Safety Task Force that formed in response to a string of foodborne illness outbreaks tied to romaine lettuce.

Store Check Junkie — Wegmans in Natick, Mass.

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