Get a sneak peek at what to expect from a new grocery store planned for Los Angeles. (Photos from Emart)

High-end South Korean grocery store PK Market is planning its first location in the U.S.

The store will be at 712 S. Olive Street in downtown Los Angeles. Parent company Emart is working to get the store built and opened by the end of 2019.

Neil Stern, senior partner with retail consulting firm McMillanDoolittle, is working with Emart on the development of the store. He provided some insight on what to expect.

“PK Market is designed to be a blend of retail food and foodservice within a highly experiential environment,” Stern said. “For produce, this means creating a fun and fresh environment that evokes imagery from a farm. Korean stores feature authentic trucks used for colorful displays and an open farmers market feel.

“Downtown LA is rapidly evolving, as evidenced by great new restaurants and hip hotels like Ace and Nomad,” Stern said. “There is a growing population of young millennials moving into the city and an active daytime population. We believe this vibrancy creates a great fit for this concept.”

The new PK Market will be approximately 34,000 square feet across two levels.


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