Pamelas Kitchen Sunset Pasta Kit

Mastronardi Produce recently expanded its You Make Me pasta kits to a couple new flavors. 

As a frequent trade show attendee, I'm no stranger to the kits developed in collaboration with chef Roger Mooking. We all gotta eat on the trade show floor, and Sunset Produce's booth is one you can count on for a hearty snack, amirite?  

I've never prepared them myself, though. 

Sunset sent me the You Make Me Hot and You Make Me Blush flavors, so I decided to try the spicy version for the video. It contains tomatoes, dry pasta, a packet of seasonings and a teeny tiny bottle of olive oil. 

All you have to do is cook the pasta, chop the tomatoes and saute in the olive oil with seasonings. 

What I love (besides the flavor, which I knew was a given) about these kits is that they give consumers the inspiration to cook tomatoes. Consumers regularly turn to the tomato category in produce for salads, sandwiches and other fresh options, but I rarely see people looking to cook their own sauce. 

They usually hit up center store for canned tomatoes. 

These kits hopefully will inspire people to think of fresh produce more often. 


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