Alright, guys, this one is a replay of a live video the boys and I did on Feb. 4 over on the Produce Retailer Facebook page. Are you following me over there?  Why not!? That’s where all the fun happens.

Anyway, the folks at Sunions sent me a box of their new tear-free storage onion, so I knew this was ripe for one of those “challenge” videos you see all over the internet.

Thankfully, even my 4-year-old is smart enough not to eat a Tide pod, but both my kids really enjoy a fun challenge.

I knew I wanted to see if I could get Sunions to make us cry.

Now, the boys generally leave the kitchen when I’m chopping onions, so they’re not used to sticking around. 

First up was a Sunion, then we chopped up a typical storage onion for comparison.

You can read all about what makes Sunions tear-free in this article from The Packer, but I’ll give you the TL; DR version:

That chemical that makes you cry typically gets stronger in a regular storage yellow onion. In a Sunion, it gets weaker.

Sunions still have what makes a storage onion great, but they’re not so hot and the store really well, unlike their sweet onion brethren.

(Hey, I’m an equal opportunity onion lover here, so I’m not passing judgment. I still use storage onions even though they make me cry like I’m watching Steel Magnolias – or Dobby dying in Harry Potter if I want to relate to the Millennials in the crowd.)

The verdict?

Challenge Confirmed:  No tears from the Sunion, Niagara Falls from my face with the regular onion.

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