Have you ever looked at a value-added produce item and thought "hey, I can make that at home?" I have. That goes especially for that blissful time before I had kids and soccer practice and all those other things that suck up the free time I used to spend doing things like peeling and dicing butternut squash -- which I haven't done in years.

So, when I first saw "riced" cauliflower or cauliflower "crumbles," I thought, "Nah, man. I can do that myself." 

No. No I can't. I don't care what you say about being a good cook or having lots of fancy kitchen gadgets. There's no way Average Jane home cook can replicate the even consistency and time-value-for-money that can be had with buying already-crumbled-cauliflower at the store. 

In this case, I bought store brand Trader Joe's Riced Cauliflower for about $2.40, and got a pound of product, compared to the $2 I spent on a head of cauliflower. I spent time not only making the teeny tiny pieces, but also CLEANING UP the nightmare of teeny tiny bits of cauliflower off of every horizontal surface in my kitchen, as well as cleaning up the mess out of all the kitchen tools I used to make it. This stuff doesn't blithely wash down the sink, folks. 

Here's another case of seeing the value in value-added produce. 

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