Packer Insight - What retailers think about the 'Harvest Box'

Pamela Riemenschneider, editor of The Packer's sister publication Produce Retailer, attended the NGA show this week in Las Vegas and spoke with retailers about the Trump administration's "Harvest Box" proposal, which would divert about half of SNAP funds to the provision of government-distributed boxes of non-perishables. Riemenschneider also heard thoughts on the future of the Double Up Food Bucks program, which encourages SNAP participants to buy fresh produce.

Highlights of the conversation between Riemenschneider and staff writer Ashley Nickle include:

  • 1:55  How retailers reacted to the news of the proposal, which would significantly affect their revenues; 
  • 2:40  What roadblocks stand in the way of the Harvest Box becoming reality; and
  • 5:40  The likelihood of the Double Up Food Bucks program being renewed before its funding expires.

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