Raley’s puts a spotlight on fresh produce with its new marketing campaign that launched April 4.

In the new ads, the retailer emphasizes its desire to support shoppers in their efforts to eat healthier and to cater to whatever dietary considerations they may present — “However You Eat,” as the tagline for the campaign says.

The main focus for the campaign is inclusivity — the idea being that the retailer can be an easy shop for anyone from a pescatarian to an average parent shopping for a family — but the visual assets for the campaign certainly feature produce.

Videos accompanying a news release show produce items including avocados, asparagus, oranges, tomatoes, broccoli and cauliflower, and the photos feature Instagram-worthy salads or vegetable snacks.

Phrases with the photos also emphasize nutrition — “However You Eat, We Help You Eat Better” and “For Tightening Your Belt, Not Lowering Your Standards” are among those listed.

“Raley’s is committed to changing the way the world eats one plate at a time as well as providing our customers with access to plentiful and affordable healthy food options,” president Keith Knopf said in the release. “This new campaign demonstrates our commitment to celebrate our customers’ individuality and lets them know that Raley’s is here to support their diverse needs.”

The retailer worked with three agencies to create the campaign. Data science firm dunnhumby contributed consumer research so Raley’s could make sure its messaging would resonate with shoppers. Division of Labor worked with Raley’s to develop creative elements, and Palisades Media Group is handling ad placement.

“This campaign not only speaks to the varied needs of our Raley’s customers but our uncompromising quest to offer a very special experience to each and every one of them,” senior vice president of marketing Deirdre Zimmermann said in the release.

Raley’s has also communicated its willingness to personalize for shoppers through the launch of its Shelf Guide, which uses one- or two-letter tags to quickly inform people whether an item is minimally processed, nutrient-dense, without added sugar, non-GMO, gluten-free, organic, vegan or kosher.

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