Editor's note: We're bringing this episode back to the top in celebration of National Avocado Day. It was originally published last year. Enjoy!


Amelia and Ashley discuss avocado buying stats and try avocado toast three ways (and an avocado toast chocolate bar).

Copy editor and designer Amelia Freidline and retail editor Ashley Nickle discuss millennial purchasing habits as they relate to avocados as well as the prevalence of a certain avocado dish on menus.

Fresh Trends consumer research data shows a lower likelihood of purchase for millennials than any other age group when it comes to avocados, and there is a significant regional disparity for shoppers overall. 

For other episodes of this series – which often focuses on fruits or vegetables for which there is a 20% or greater gap in likelihood of purchase for millennials – check out the Videos tab at the top of the website.

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