Best New Fruit Product Finalists

Check out the video for photos of the new products.(Photos courtesy United Fresh)

Seven products have been selected as finalists for the Best New Fruit Product award from the United Fresh Produce Association.

Products chosen as finalists include new melon varieties, fresh-cut apples and pears, berries and sweet snacking tomatoes and more. Here are the company’s descriptions of their new items.

Arctic Grannys – ApBitz Snacks

Okanagan Specialty Fruits – Booth #11029

“Not all apples are suitable in size for Arctic Granny fresh slices,” the company wrote. “One of our core initiatives is to reduce unnecessary food waste, and we didn’t want the unsuitably sized apples to go to waste. Arctic ApBitz dried apples were the solution and are just as delicious as our slices.”

Golden Crush Melon

Frontera Produce – Booth #13046
“Only a few days before the melon is ripe, the exterior of the melon will begin to transform into a deep golden color; this is the harvest indicator,” the company wrote. “The melon is non-GMO, disease-resistant, non-ethylene producer. It will not continue to ripen once picked.”

Honeydude Melon

Sol Group Marketing – Booth #10045
“Honeydude SOL’s exclusive variety More flavor, less netting, and no brown spotting,” the company wrote. “So sweet, so smooth and sooo cool… it’s a honeydew that will have your shoppers saying ‘It’s gotta be a honeydude!’”

Natierra Organic Freeze-Dried Pomegranate Arils

BrandStorm – Booth #5044

“We’re taking organic pomegranate arils on a freeze-drying adventure, to deliver the crunchiest and oh-so-sweet pomegranate arils that have kept all their essential nutrients,” the company wrote. “We’ve selected the ripest and tastiest pomegranate arils to bring you this delicious snack.”

NatureSweet Comets

NatureSweet – Booth #4027

“NatureSweet Comets is our ‘out of this world sweet’ yellow grape snacking tomato,” the company wrote. “Comets has the highest brix in our line of tomatoes and provides an indulgent snacking experience. It has a vivid golden color that adds brightness to your snack or salad.”

Peeled, Diced or Sliced Pears

Crunch Pak – Booth #6040

“From America’s favorite sliced apple producer comes the latest in fresh-cut innovation: peeled, sliced or diced pears,” the company wrote. “With just-picked flavor, these tender pears elevate any dish, try on salads, desserts, or even on their own – the combinations are endless!”

Wow Berries

Mastronardi – Booth #10040

“Ridiculously sweet, incredibly juicy and bursting with flavor, these premium berries will change expectations for how berries should taste,” the company wrote. “A healthy snack and a great addition to any dessert, breakfast item or salad, these better-than-chocolate treats will have you smiling with every bite.”


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