CPMA Retail Tour - Provigo

MONTREAL – This Provigo location, which we visited April 2 as part of the CPMA retail tour, is a popular lunch destination that sits right across the street from the home of the NHL’s Canadiens.

Along with a wide selection of fresh-cut offerings, Provigo offers many organic fruits and vegetables.

In each aisle of the department, the top shelf is organic, and the wet rack has organic segments also. Grapes, apples and avocados are some of the most popular organic items, said assistant store manager Guillaume Cormerais. The store had a sign at the front of the department that noted its buyers are always looking for more certified organic produce.

Space is one of the key challenges for the store, so it takes care to use all the area available, with product at eye level and more options below as well.

Check out our slideshow for more, and see additional photos on the Produce Retailer Flickr page.


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