CPMA Retail Tour - Adonis

MONTREAL – The Adonis location we visited on the CPMA retail tour April 2 has a bit of a unique location for a grocery store: inside a mall and up an escalator.

The chain has 10 locations in Montreal, two in Ontario and others opening soon. It specializes in Middle Eastern ingredients.

Grapes on an endcap greeted shoppers right inside the front doors, with blood oranges beckoning people down one side of the aisle and Moroccan clementines starting off the other side.

Another front-of-the-department display had cauliflower, eggplant and roma tomatoes. Next to that display – and visible from the entrance – were Quebec apples in basket packaging with handles.

The store also had a wide variety of pears, and apples enjoyed a good amount of space as well. For more from Adonis, check out the slideshow here and more photos on our Flickr page.


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