How to cut a mango

Epicurious asked 50 people if they knew how to cut a mango.

Most didn’t.

Most failed. Badly.

While this might seem a little discouraging (or encouraging for those of you out there selling fresh-cut mangoes!), there’s hope.

Consumers WANT to know how to cut a mango. Sales are increasing – by a lot. The National Mango Board says fall and winter sales are up 50% in the past three years. They’re encouraging retailers to promote mangoes in fall and winter with these handy tips.


But wait, there’s more!

Did you know, the top indexing “How-To” video search related to food is “How to cut a mango?”

Consumers WANT to know how to cut a mango because they want to know what to do with it once they buy it at the store.

So, here’s a fun video for you to share. It’s also posted to the Produce Retailer Facebook page.

And, of course, you can go direct to the source. The National Mango Board has tons of info on how to cut a mango directly on its website,

retailer mango demo
Go HERE for the video!

Check out this fun demo from Viva Fresh this spring, where Joseph Bunting of United Supermarkets, Gary Campisi of Wal-Mart Stores Inc. and Juan Estrella of Fiesta show off their mango cutting skills with guidance from Wendy McManus of the National Mango Board. 

And if you''s that Epicurious video. 

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