This creamy green fruit was the No. 1 item that consumers said they are buying now that they did not buy previously.

Survey numbers reflect this fact, as the year-to-year change in the likelihood of purchase jumped seven percentage points from Fresh Trends 2018 (making it the commodity with the highest increase over last year).

This versatile fruit appeals to several specific demographics. Hispanic consumers were the standout—more than two-thirds of these shoppers said they purchased avocados in the past year, and that group has been the most likely to purchase avocados overall for six consecutive years.

Western shoppers consistently are top purchasers of avocados. For 11 years, these shoppers have been more likely to buy this green fruit than those in any other region.

Income is a third determining factor for avocado purchases—the likelihood of a purchase increased according to income for the 11th year in a row.

Thirteen percent of buyers said they always opted for organic avocados, a number up one percentage point from last year. Thirty-seven percent said they purchased organic product at least some of the time; last year 38% said so.  


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