“Functional” mushrooms, edible floral, root-to-stem and Middle Eastern flavors are among the top food trends to watch in 2018, according to Whole Foods Market’s annual list.

The Austin, Texas-based company named 10 trends for foodies to watch in stores, and produce factored prominently in several.

The No. 1 trend, Floral Flavors, features edible flowers, and cocktails inspired by elderflower.

The No. 3 trend, “Functional Mushrooms” includes varieties like reishi, chaga, cordyceps and lion’s mane in bottled drinks, coffees, smoothies and broths.

No. 4, the Feast from the Middle East was a shopping list for produce, with culinary influences and a deeper dive into Middle Eastern cooking featuring pomegranate, eggplant, cucumber, parsley, mint, tahini, tomato jam and dried fruits.

No. 8 is alternative tacos, including jicama tortillas and “hyper-authentic” street tacos.

No. 9, Root-to-stem cooking includes produce butcher recommendations like root-to-stem salad bar items featuring Brussels sprouts, broccoli and celery seasonal varieties, and things like pickled watermelon rinds, beet-green pesto or broccoli-stem slaw.

Here’s the full list. To read the full descriptions, go here.

  1. Floral flavors
  2. Super Powders
  3. Functional Mushrooms
  4. Feast from the Middle East
  5. Transparency 2.0
  6. High-Tech Goes Plant-Forward
  7. Puffed & Popped Snacks
  8. Tacos Come Out of Their Shell
  9. Root-To-Stem
  10. Say Cheers to the Other Bubbly

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