In the next couple of years, there’s a good chance we’ll see mango volumes double what we saw back in the early 2000s. 

According to the National Mango Board, Orlando, 62 million boxes of mangoes were imported in 2005. That number jumped to 109 million in 2016, and volume per store per week went from 132 cases to 227 cases during the same time frame.


What’s driving this popularity?

Younger consumers, for one. 

Millennials and Gen X were by far more likely to purchase mangoes compared to boomers and Silent Generations, according to The Packer’s Fresh Trends 2017. The younger generations in the survey also skew toward more diverse ethnicities. 

And American consumers’ hunger for ethnic foods is helping, too. The traditional Latino chili + lime + mango drink – mangonada – is enjoying a healthy bump in social media mentions and on trendy menus across the country, most notably on the menu at Disney theme parks. Mangonada is made with blended mango, chamoy (a liquid chili lime sauce) and Tajin.

Tajin’s no stranger to fresh produce promotions. We’ve seen it cross promoted with watermelons, Chilean citrus and even sweet corn in the produce department over the past couple of years, but this summer the National Mango Board and Tajin got official when Tajin was an official partner in the organization’s Mango Mania display contest.

In fact, the top breakout search related to Tajin, according to Google Trends? Mango + Tajin.

mango plus tajin google trends

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