Do you have your display plan ready for the National Watermelon Promotion Board's Retail Display Contest? 

The contest, established to honor National Watermelon Month in July is in its 10th year of encouraging retailers to create displays that showcase the benefits of watermelon. Displays must be in-store during July or August. 

This year, more than $10,000 in cash and prizes will be awarded for top entrants in two categories: “Classic” and “Star Spangled.”

Juliemar Rosado

Juliemar Rosado, director of retail operations for the board was kind enough to share her Top 10 tips for not only putting together a winning display, but also successfully completing your contest entry. Pay close attention to No. 10 on the list.

Here’s Juliemar’s tips:

  1. Make the most of your displays. Colorful bins and large displays grab attention and grab sales.
  2. Use any type of point-of-purchase materials and/or make your own creative display pieces. Ordering a display contest kit is not required but strongly encouraged (one kit per store).
  3. Get creative and unique with your displays. Showcase watermelon’s versatility! Featuring watermelon in its various uses of flesh, juice, and rind may attract and inspire a customer as well.
  4. Display whole & cut watermelon side by side. Create great eye appeal and increase sales of both.
  5. Get the word out – Watermelon is delicious and nutritious. 74% of consumers say they are more likely to buy watermelon if they knew it was healthy. Include nutrition information wherever you can – on signs and displays, in newsletters and ads.
  6. Easy to reach, easy to sell. Use drop down panels and transfer hard to reach watermelons to the top of the next full bin.
  7. Take them off the floor! You wouldn’t eat food off the floor, so why would your customers?
  8. Lose the leakers. Look at your display from a customer’s point of view and removed damaged watermelons.
  9. Take high-quality, in focus photos. Use close-ups to accent details not visible in your wide, all-inclusive or size-enhanced photos. Digital photos are preferred and will be accepted via online entry or email. Please attempt to limit email size to 5 MB. Multiple emails for one entry will be accepted. Putting photos in a PowerPoint or Word document is not necessary.
  10. Be sure to gather all information required to enter prior to submission, as you will not be able to save your entry form once you begin.


Go HERE for more information, and to enter your display to win! 

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