Eden Prairie, Minn.-based Supervalu Inc. has a new line of meal solutions, including meal kits, under the Quick & Easy Meals brand.

They’re available to more than 3,000 independent grocers and at Supervalu retail banners, according to a news release.

supervalu quick & easy meal kit
Meal kits are designed for consumers to choose their own main dish and sides to cook at home, according to a Supervalu spokesperson. 

The line gives consumers a choice of three levels of food prep:

  • Fully prepared ready-to-eat, grab-and-go items;
  • Completely assembled heat-and-eat meals; and
  • Fresh meal kit options with preselected ingredients already chopped, sliced and measured for simpler and faster preparation at home.

“While we have long provided meal solutions for busy shoppers, our new Quick & Easy Meals program will now make it even easier for our customers to find a variety of fresh, fast, delicious and reasonably priced meals to meet their needs on any particular day,” said Anne Dament, Supervalu senior vice president of retail, merchandising and marketing, in a news release.”

Dament said grocers need to adapt to keep shopper dollars.

“Originally, a grocery store only needed to have the components to make the meal,” she said, in a news release. “Now, we need to have the full solution available to time-starved customers at our stores, or delivered to their homes, whether it is ready to eat, heat and eat, or prepare at home.”

More information about the line is available at www.myquickandeasymeals.com.

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