Retailers in the Carolinas have been closing stores as Hurricane Florence approaches.

Lowe’s Foods has closed 20 stores, and The Fresh Market has closed eight stores, according to updates on the websites of the respective companies.

Food Lion has also closed some stores that are in mandatory evacuation areas, director of external communications and community relations Emma Inman said Sept. 13.

The retailer continues to keep an eye on weather updates and evacuation orders, and it has been in contact with local authorities that provide information on road closings and other conditions that factor into decisions on whether and how long to keep stores open, Inman said.

Leading up to the hurricane, Food Lion has also posted a storm preparation checklist on its website for shoppers who may be affected, and it has been coordinating with the American Red Cross and food pantries in the areas of expected impact. The retailer sent four truckloads of water to a staging area for the Red Cross in advance of the storm.

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