Esther Hernandez, center, of Veg Fresh Farms, paused for a photo with Dennis Krondak, left, and Alfonso Cano of Northgate Gonzalez markets.
Supervalu’s Tricia Johnson, right, talks with Rick Starko, left, of Truly Good Foods, and Hector Velazquez of America Berry Farms.
Craig Morris of Homegrown Organic Farm, left, talks with Frank Pagliaro and Yan Branco of Loblaws.
Peter Schaper, right, of 99 Cent Only Stores talks with Tim Colln of Sage Fruit Co.
Carlo Gosdanian, left, of Superking Market exchanges cards with Jim Grabowski of Well-Pict.
Chris Keetch of Ahold USA talks with Randy Giumarra of Giumarra Bros.
Bruce Dowhan of Giumarra Cos. talks with Nick Moless of Whole Foods Market.
Calvin Stone, left, of Greenhouse Juice talks with Melina Leija-Stevens, center, and Zak Karlen of Bolthouse Farms.
Michael Joergensen, left, of NatureSweet talks with Mil Mijanovic of Safeway’s NorCal division.
Bill Pollard, left, of Dollar General, talks with Maci Mollring, center and Jackie Long of Naturipe Farms.
James Peterson, right, of Wish Farms talks with Kai Murdock, left, and Steve Brown of Jensen’s Finest Foods.
Brian Silvas, right, of Bland Farms talks with Duane Wentz of Yoke’s Fresh Market, left, and Jon Sams of Peirone Produce.
Paul Kneeland of Gelson’s Markets, right, talks with Cindy Plummer of the California Table Grape Commission.
From right: Shawn Peery, Jerry Callahan and Dan Sutton of Albertsons Cos., talk with Anthony McCarty of CMI Orchards.
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Editor Pamela Riemenschneider gathered these "red badge" photos of retailers who attended The Packer's West Coast Produce Expo in Palm Desert on May 20. 

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