World Waters LLC, Denver, is recalling 12 packs of WTRMLN WTR cold-pressed watermelon juice because of possible presence of soft plastic pieces in the bottles.

The recall, initiated by the company, involves products shipped nationwide.

Retailers Publix, Walmart and Winn-Dixie alerted consumers through their websites that the product was sold at their stores.

Although the plastic could be a choking hazard, no reports of adverse events have been reported in connection with the recall, according to World Waters’ notice on the Food and Drug Administration’s recall website, posted Feb. 8.

The products were shipped to retailers from Dec. 22-Feb. 5, according to the company.

The affected product can be identified by these lot numbers: AC02919, AW00219, AW00319, AW00419, AW00719, AW00919, AW01019, AW01419, AW01619, AW01719, AW01819, AW02419, AW34618, AW34718, AW35318, AW35418, AW36018, and AW36118.

Publix posted a recall notice on its website, alerting consumers that 12- and 33-ounce bottles of the product with lot codes of AW00319, AW02419 and AW01019 sold at Publix and GreenWise Markets might contain plastic pieces.

Walmart also posted a notice on its recall page, but did not include lot numbers.

Winn-Dixie notified customers on its website that 6- and 12-packs sold at its stores were included in the recall.


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