Remember the banana-for-every-day pack that was getting so much buzz on social media after being offered at a Korean supermarket? This solution for giving shoppers just what they need as far as ripeness is even better, in my humble opinion.

I went to grab some bananas for smoothies this weekend and ended up taking photos of the display at my local Hen House Market. Shoppers could select from among three options clearly called out by point-of-sale material: ripe in a few days, ripe now and ready to use for cooking or smoothies.

The bag with the really ripe bananas had no less than a half-dozen recipes on it, which was awesome.

The way I saw it, this offering let shoppers pick just what they needed based on when they planned to eat their bananas, but no extra plastic was involved. (Plus that awesome banana-for-every-day pack had to be labor-intensive, and no one has the time, money or manpower for that these days.)

What other great banana displays have you seen lately?


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