(Rendering courtesy ARS)

Supermarket cooperative Allegiance Retail Services has purchased the Pathmark name and plans to open a store under that banner in Brooklyn, N.Y., in late March or early April.

The first location will be 1525 Albany Ave. and will be 49,000 square feet, according to a news release.

ARS purchased the Pathmark name and marks — which became available after the A&P bankruptcy in 2015 — to increase the number of banners available to coop members and to create a format that appeals to millennial families, which the company describes as an underserved consumer segment.

Those shoppers “demand wide variety, strong promotions, everyday values and ingredient-based products,” ARS said in the release.

The company plans to assess the performance of the first location before committing to retrofitting existing stores or building new stores to operate under the Pathmark banner.

ARS has 32 members operating 120 retail supermarkets in three states: New York, New Jersey and Pennsylvania.


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