One of the ways produce marketers can increase overall consumption is to make sure fresh fruits and vegetables are in more eating occasions.

A great opportunity exists in the snacking market, and according to Produce Retailer's 2017 annual Packaging Special Report survey, retailers selling products in that size range report strong growth in snack packs.

In this year’s survey, 64% of retailers report selling single-serve produce snacks, down from 78% last year, but the same as the 2015 survey. But those that do, report growth.

In the last 12 months, 20% said snack-size produce sales have grown more than 25%, while 66% report 1-25% growth. No respondent reported dropping sales, and just 15% said there has been no change in the past year.

In terms of units sold of snack-sized products, berries were the leaders at 25% of retail respondents saying they were the best, followed by 19% saying vegetables with dip and vegetables, cut apples and cut apples with dip all coming in with 15% saying they were the top sellers.

According to The Packer’s 2017 Fresh Trends consumer survey, 60% of consumers said they would buy value-added portion-control packs, but when asked if they would pay more for them, only 31% said they would.

It seems the value barrier may be steeper when it comes to smaller value-added packages.

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