San Francisco-based online grocer Farmstead has expanded its Refill & Save program to all its customers.

The program offers discounts on staples like fresh produce, milk, eggs and bread — discounts the company says “bring the prices of those items down to below-average cost for the Bay Area,” according to a news release. Previously, Refill & Save was only available for weekly customers.

Now the program is available for all customers, with discounts applied to items that were included in at least one of the customer’s last two orders.

“Our Refill & Save program has been extremely popular with customers as many households order the same staples each time they shop,” Pradeep Elankumaran, founder and CEO of Farmstead, said in the release. “Farmstead’s focus on these staple products and our use of AI models to predict demand allows us to reduce costs for our customers on frequently ordered household groceries. As we fulfill our mission to make high-quality, locally sourced food available to all and reduce food waste, Refill & Save is an integral part of our offering.”

Predictive models are a key part of the business model for Farmstead, helping the company increase efficiency and decrease costs.

“The Farmstead team developed sophisticated AI-based tech to accurately predict what people would buy, stock its micro-warehouses accordingly, and deliver within an hour,” the company wrote in the release.


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