All ethnic segments and generational segments spent more on organic products in 2018 than they did in the previous year, Nielsen found.

Millennial households are spending 13.8% more on organic products than they did in 2017; Gen X households 9.5% more; boomer households 7.2% more; and Greatest Generation households 1.5% more, according to a news release. Hispanic households are spending 13.4% more; black households 11.1% more; Asian households 9.3% more; and white households 8.6% more.

Produce items are among those driving growth for organic.

Nielsen reported that packaged salads are the No. 2 item in the organic category, with more than $1.1 billion in sales, up 5.7% from the previous year.

Apples ranked eighth, with $393 million in sales, up 6.8% from 2017. Carrots took 10th place with $338 million in sales, up 2.8%.

Outside of fresh produce, the organic products that saw the biggest jumps in sales between 2017 and 2018 include kombucha (41.9%), sandwich bread (18.8%) and fresh chicken (11.1%).


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