Mission Produce Inc., Oxnard, Calif., is using Hazel Technologies’ shelf-life extension product on avocados, with plans to integrate the technology throughout its global supply chain.

Mission, which has ripening/distribution facilities across the U.S., in Canada, the Netherlands and China, has been testing with Hazel Technologies for a year and will continue at all facilities to reduce waste and shrinkage.

“Our partnership with Hazel Technologies strengthens our position in the industry,” Steve Barnard, president and CEO of Mission Produce, said in a news release.

This isn’t the first time Mission Produce has sought post-harvest solutions to extend shelf-life and product quality, according to the release.

“We decided to collaborate with Hazel Technologies because in our initial year of testing, the company’s solutions proved to increase the shelf-life of both hard and ripe avocados, maintain and extend the internal quality of the fruit, and minimize the operational impact to the supply chain,” Patrick Cortes, senior director of business development, said in the release. “However, the main benefit of the partnership is working together to reduce global food waste.”

Hazel Technologies offers quarter-sized biodegradable and food-safe packaging inserts with 1-MCP technology, according to the release. That blocks fruit’s ethylene receptors to stall ripening.

Aidan Mouat, CEO and co-founder of Hazel Technologies, said the product is easy to integrate into packing-shipping operations. It can be used at harvest, during packaging, or at distribution centers.

“Because of the packet’s ease of use, there is little impact to the efficiency of the supply chain,” Mouat said in the release.

Mission Produce has packing facilities in California, Mexico and Peru.


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