Oxnard, Calif.-based Mission Produce wants retailers to rethink their approach to avocados.

“Today’s consumers are looking for avocados based on their preferred usage,” director of marketing Denise Junqueiro said in a news release. “There might be times when shoppers are looking for a small avocado as a grab-and-go option or to use as a topping and not have leftovers. Other times shoppers may want a large avocado for their toast or even a jumbo size option to use for a stuffed avocado or guacamole.

“This ‘Size Minded’ campaign provides retailers with the support they need to offer shoppers different size options for all avo-ccasions,” Junqueiro said.

Weather, which obviously various season by season, is a major factor in how much fruit is available in each size, and Mission expects its new program will allow retailers to benefit from more sizes.

“Trees do not produce only one size fruit,” senior director of sales Patrick Cortes said in the release. “By taking advantage of our ‘Size Minded’ program, retailers will maximize on what the tree is producing regardless of the size curve, seasonality or growing conditions.”

Starting this fall, Mission will offer point-of-sale materials and recipes for retailers to use in-store and on social media platforms.

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