During the four weeks ending May 14, avocado dollars were up 24.4% compared to 2.6% for total produce dollars, according the most recent Hass Avocado Board data.

The Mission Viejo, Calif.-based organization’s Hass Insights Retail Data Report outlined price and volume shifts by region, with all regions exhibiting “significant dollar gains.”

Total U.S. gain was 24.4%, which the board says translated to $37.9 million in incremental sales.

California led price increases at 41.2% during the report period, with incremental dollars up $6.8 million on a 9.9% reduction in volume.

Total U.S. volume was down 7.4% during the period, with total U.S. prices up 34.4%.

Year-to-date volume is up 1.2%, with sales dollars up 17.7% and sales prices up 16.3%.

Avocado PLUs showed shifts in sales away from larger fruit toward smaller fruit and bagged options.

Source: Hass Avocado Board Retail Insights

To see a copy of the full report, download it from the Hass Avocado Board.

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