Texas retailer H-E-B has named EverCrisp its apple of the month and will be promoting it throughout January.

The promotion includes freestanding EverCrisp displays and bulk and pouch bag offerings of the fruit, according to a news release. Also, a 28-ounce bowl of EverCrisp apple slices will be in the fresh-cut section.

EverCrisp, a cross between Honeycrisp and fuji, is in its second season in grocery stores. The apple is grown in upstate New York.

“Enthusiasm and demand for the EverCrisp apple are high, and we are thrilled to be able to bring this apple to the Texas region,” Jim Allen, vice president of sales and marketing for New York Apple Sales, which markets the variety, said in the release.

As part of the promotion, 40 H-E-B stores will conduct in-store demos of EverCrisp apples paired with Tajín seasonings, including Clasico and Chamoy.

“We love partnering with produce items on demos throughout North America and are especially excited to be doing these demos with the new variety EverCrisp,” Javier Leyva, director of Tajín North America, said in the release. “I sampled it for the first time at PMA’s Fresh Summit in Orlando and instantly fell in love with this unique apple. I know H-E-B customers will love the flavor of EverCrisp with Tajín and with our Chamoy product.”


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